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Best Cab Services to take you to Top 10 Places on your next trip from Hubli to Hampi

If travelling is on your mind and you are looking forward to that perfect escapade with your friends and family, look no further than the picturesque beauty of Karnataka. For all its charm, Karnataka offers a wide array of places to visit. For nature lovers, adventure seekers as well as wildlife enthusiasts, there is nothing more promising than a fun filled trip to Karnataka and for others, well the place has something for all. Once you have decided on the places, travelling from Hubli to Hampi can be the next perfect choice.

Best Cab Services from Hubli to Hampi

You can start your trip from Hubli to Hampi by arriving at Hubli by air, car or train. Then taking one of our affordable and top quality cab services will come in handy for all your tours and travel needs.

Why should you book a Cab Service?

Booking Cab services from Hubli to Hampi will not only help you in reaching your destination in time, but will also help you in experiencing the exquisite traveler’s experience that people generally want during tours and travel. In addition, while there are plenty of reasons why you should take a cab service while travelling from Hubli to Hampi, instead of taking a train or a bus, here are the main benefits:

  • • Affordable Cab Services that are available round the clock. Day or night, you can book our cab services in an instant.
  • • Easy to use booking experience so that you do not have to navigate between different web pages. Instead, you can simply visit our website, book a cab service and get going!
  • • Extremely reliant chauffeur services at your fingertips.
  • • Covers all your tours and travel needs, right from stopping at famous tourist destinations to giving you a break in between roads.
  • • Trained and experienced staff on wheel so that you can you can travel carefree.
  • • Easy Pick-up service and drop facility.

Customized Cab Service Itinerary at your fingertips:

1. Once you reach Hubli, you can then stay in a hotel, guest room or a stay-in.

2. You can then take our affordable cab service to visit Badami and Aihole for the entire day before moving on. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Badami are Cave Temple, Bhootnath Temple, Banashankari Amma Temple, Archeological Museum as well as Badami Fort whereas Aihole has Huchappayyagudi temple, Uma Maheshwari Temple, Ravalphadi Temple and Lad Khan Temple.

3. Next, you can use our cab service to visit Pattadakal for the next day before moving on to visit Hospet. Pattadakal is again a famous tourist attraction place that includes the famous Virupaksha Temple and Sangamesvara Temple. As you already know, South India has an amazing variety of religious places to offer and these two temples are just a testament to the historical significance of South India in India’s map.

4. You can then move on to visit Hospet next day. Hampi Hospet dam is one of the most famous places to visit while in Hospet and it is a part of every tours and travel itinerary of travelers across India. The Tungabhadra Dam is perfect for a trip out with friends and family members. This is a great picnic spot and you can enjoy leisure walks and enjoy the breeze. You can take your partner on a romantic trip here and enjoy the sunset or simply spend some alone time here. There is a musical fountain too that your kids can enjoy. The Hospet Dam is a place that will provide you the best opportunity to relax and you will yourself at one with the nature here.

5. You can then avail our best quality cab services to visit other attraction sites in Hospet or can travel to Hampi, which is not very far away from here. Hampi has a rich history of culture and tradition and has plenty of temples and sculptures to offer. You can visit the Achyutraya Temple Lotus Mahal, Queen’s Bath and Virupaksha Temple when here and then end your trip here. However, this is just a short itinerary of all you can do on your way from Hubli to Hampi. If you want to travel more and explore more new places, both Hubli and Hampi has a lot to offer there too.

Top 11 Places to travel in Hampi using our affordable Cab services:

The best time of the visit to embark on your trip from Hubli to Hampi using our cab services would be between the months of October until March because the weather is too pleasant during this time. If you are lucky, you can even be a part of the Hampi festival, an annual festival that celebrates Hampi’s cultural diversity and rich heritage.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are 11 places to cover on your next trip from Hubli to Hampi that should be a part of your travel list now! Read on to know more:

1. Vijay Vittala Temple: If you are a religious person and history is what you like, the Vijay Vittala Temple is the best place to get your trip started in Hampi. Made in the fifteenth century, this temple is made as a devotion to Lord Vittala, who is revered piously all over India and attracts many religious people from across the world. The historical architecture of the temple attracts many history lovers too. The magnificent stone chariots and the huge pillars that speak plenty about the intricacies of the architecture style used during that time will awe you. While the temple is usually crowded a lot, you can take the help of our cab service to visit early morning to get past those long queues.

2. Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex: The Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex hosts a large number of temples and hence the name. This is one of the few places to constantly get listed in one of the top tours and travel places to visit in Karnataka and when travelling from Hubli to Hampi, you should visit this place. The complex, just like so many other architectural wonders of Karnataka is lined with temples and talks about the rich culture of our country. It is best known for its sunset point and the place is open all days of the week.

3. Queen’s Bath: As the name suggests, this architectural monument was built as a bathhouse for emperors and their queens and one can marvel at the architect of the royal pool and the bathhouses of the bygone era. You can even purchase sculptures and stone cravings made by local artists from here. You can then take our cab service to travel to your next destination.

4. Sri Virupaksha Temple: Sri Virupaksha Temple is dedicated to Sri Virupaksha, an incarnation of the Lord almighty Shiva and attracts many pilgrims throughout the year. The temple constantly features as one of the most popular temples of India and built in the seventh century, is a reminiscent of India’s heritage. The temple houses a magnificent courtyard and its pillars have architectural importance that has a massive part in India’s history. Its primary attraction is the underwater Shiva Temple that attracts a huge number of devotees.

5. Archaeological Museum: If you are a history lover, then Hampi’s Archaeological Museum is one of the most sought after places for you. It is located in Kamlapur and houses a number of important artefacts that depict a wonderful picture of India’s glowing history. The sculptures, scriptures and archeological findings of the place is enough to keep you entertained. The Museum is open on all days of the week except Fridays, so ensure that you book your itinerary accordingly.

6. Daroji Bear Sanctuary: The Daroji Bear Sanctuary was established in the year 1994 and since then, it has attracted many tourists from all over the nation. If you are a wild life enthusiast, this is the place to be in on your way from Hubli to Hampi. The Sanctuary houses a lot of animals and birds, especially sloth Bears that are difficult to find anywhere else. Deers, Bears, Jackals as well as hyenas are all here. The place is open all days of the week and attracts kids too. Therefore, if you are planning a trip with your kids too, this is the place to be.

7. Hippie Island: Already missing Goa? Well, fret not! Your trip from Hubli to Hampi covers the basics well enough. The Hippie Island, as the name already suggests, is vibrant and energetic and it will keep you on your toes for long. If you are a beach lover, this is the place to be! You can sit on the beach for hours, dip your toes in the sea or simply enjoy the mesmerizing sunset with your loved ones. What’s more? Well, there are live music jam sessions that will keep your mood elevated for a long time.

8. Gagan Mahal: Gagan Mahan is names as one of the most popular romantic destinations in India for its charming architect and surrounding and why not? Dating back to as long as the 16th century, this architectural masterpiece is in ruins today, but it still eludes the age old charm that many a visitors still seek. Its mesmerizing beauty will captivate you. This is a great place to visit for the history lover in you too, for you will find sculptures that are embedded in history books for centuries.

9. Stepped Tank: Again, one of the few places that constantly list in the best places to visit in Karnataka, the Stepped Tank is a massive row of steps that take you to a water pool. However, what makes the place magnificent is its unique design and architect. Pilgrims of the nearby temples to take a bath earlier used the place before making their way to the pious vicinity of the temples and while the practice is not done in the modern times, you can definitely take a dip or two in the pool, although you are not permitted to do so after sunset.

10. Zanana Enclosure: Designed as per Indo-Islamic style of architecture, the Zanana Enclosure is one of the many places that will give you a glimpse of the life of royalties in the Vijaynagar era. As the name suggests, Zanana Enclosure was primarily served as a walking garden for the zananas, or the women of the royal courts and has the famous Lotus Mahal at its center. The famous Treasury building here will remind you of the by-gone times too. It is a great place to take a stroll with your loved ones on a breezy evening.

11. Hanuman Temple: If you are travelling from Hubli to Hampi, then giving the popular Hanuman Mandir is a visit should be on the top of your itinerary. Open for all days of the week, even weekends, the Mandir is atop the Anjaneya Hills and you will need to travel by a small boat to reach its premise. In addition, there are a lot of monkeys along the way and you can enjoy an evening sunset too along with your loved ones. Anjaneya Hills is regarded as Lord Hanuman’s birthplace and Hampi’s Hanuman Temple is a much-revered destination for pilgrims from all over India.

Hubli to Hampi Tours and Travel sorted during Covid-19:

Both Hampi and Hubli have a rich history of culture and heritage and a trip from Hubli to Hampi using our cab service will promise you a riveting adventure that you will remember for long. At a time when we are coping with a global pandemic, it is important that you take some time off from your erratic schedule for your mental peace as well as the mental being of your family. A holiday, occasionally, not only refreshes you, but also gives you ample of opportunity to spend quality time with your family and loved ones that you erstwhile forget to in your regular life.