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Explore Hubli-Dharwad the Twin Cities of Karnataka

Namaste, Hello, Hola, and Bonjour, to our readers. Are you someone who likes travelling to the core? Do you like experiencing the culture, food, and lives in the different parts of the world? Stay tuned as we are here with a place for you to explore this year. As many of you might know, India is known for its diversity. People from different cultures, rituals, beliefs, food, and ideologies live in harmony in this incredible country. Our today's destination comes from this land of diversity. To be precise, we will map out the best places for you to explore in the Hubli-Dharwad of Karnataka. So, in this article we are going to discuss hubli-Dharwad cities, and best tours and travels in hubli-Dharwad as well as top 10 places to visit in Hubli Dharwad.

Where in India is Dharwad?

As the seventh-largest country, your question about Hubli's whereabouts is quite considerable. Are you aware that Dharwad and Hubli are two different cities? As both the cities are close and share the same municipality, we often refer to them as the twin cities. So, calling them Hubli Dharwad is common. This lively city rests in the state of Karnataka. It shows that Hubli and Dharwad are South-Indian cities. Hence, it has a lot in terms of culture. Hubli Dharwad is 404 kilometres square in terms of area. However, this does not mean you can not have everything in this city in a blow. So, here we are to help you plan and tell you what places can leave you dazzled and bring you bliss and peace.

How did Hubli Dharwad Named

Hubli is also called Hubballi; the name Hubballi comes from the word “ Hoovina Balli '' which means Flowering Creeper. Though there is no such reference to why it was called as Hoovina Balli. Notably, the place did serve as a logistic hub between a lot of flower-producing districts as well as markets in the northern part of karnataka.

On the other hand, talking about Dharwad, it is derived from the Sanskrit name called “Dwarawata" Dwara means Road & “Wada” means Town. More importantly, Dharwad acted as a Doorway or gateway between the Malenada region (Western Ghats) as well as North Karnataka Plains.

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Reasons to visit Hubli Dharwad:

As a travel enthusiast, you should always think about why you want to visit a place. What is so special over there that attracts you? Hubli Dharwad might sound offbeat and a turn-off to your travel-loving side, but it is the complete opposite. Again we will poke your nose and give you an overview of what you will be experiencing in this city. Hubli Dharwad is gifted with natural beauty and historical, religious monuments. You can bask in the magnificent sunrises and sunsets that Hubli offers. The city also comprises a beautiful lake surrounded by gardens. Wait up! Sculptures and temples there are trying to tell you stories through the carvings. Now, isn't it worth trying to witness the wonders of nature and know the history a little more?

Places Visit in Hubli-Dharwad: Karnataka

From the above mentioned, you might be a little excited now. Now, take a look at the tourist spots to visit in Hubli. You will notice a lot of temples and gardens on the list, be prepared for that. Take out your pen and paper to make a checklist of the places you would love to see in Hubli Dharwad.

Unkal Lake:

Unkal Lake

Situated at Bairidevkaporra, Hubli, this lake has scenic beauty and historical importance. Unkal lake has an estimated age of 110 years and is adorned with a statue of Swami Vivekananda at the center of it. This 200 acres of water is infamous for exceptional sunset views and boating services. However, you can enjoy bird watching here as well. A lot of water birds can be spotted near Unkal lake. Moreover, the surrounding parks serve as a strolling and picnic area for the locals. You will surely like to visit here and might get to know the lifestyle of the people of Hubli.

Navagraha Teerth:

This sacred spot of Hubli is in Varur, near the Pune-Bengaluru Highway. This tourist site in Hubli is a pilgrim spot for Jainism followers. The temple has statues of the Jainism teerthankaras. Moreover, the specialty of this place is also a statue. The country's tallest statue of Shree 1008 Bhagwan Parshvanath is situated at Navagraha Teerth. He was one of the teerthankaras of Jainism. The sculpture is about 185 tons in weight and 61 feet tall. The temple also consists of statues of the rest of eight teerthankaras though smaller.

Siddharoodha Math:

This place is located at Karwar Road, Hubli. As Navaraha Teerth is a pilgrim spot for Jains, Siddharoodha Math is for Hindus. As a monastery established by the followers of Shri Sidharoodha Swamy in his remembrance, this place holds positive auras. In 1929, at this place, Shri Siddharoodha Swamy took samadhi. You can expect people to spend the Maha Shivratri here with zeal and beliefs. As a holy soul, visiting Siddharoodha Math can bring you immense pleasure. This place will make your experience meaningful and show what liberalism means. The math never discriminates between religions or genders and serves everyone as equal.

Sayed Fateh Shah Dargah:

There is a mixture of every religion throughout the country. So how can this city not have any Dargahs? Hubli has religious stations for every religion too. And Muslims are no exception. One of the pilgrim spots in Hubli city is Sayed Fateh Shah Dargah. This Dargah is situated in the Heggery Colony of Old Hubli. The beauty of this place can make you feel more blessed. Thousands of pilgrims visit this spot throughout the year. It is considered the most stunning out of all the Dargahs in the city. So, you don't believe me? Well, check it out yourself.

Chandramouleshwara Temple:

We have studied the Chalukyas in our history classes. This temple was built in the reign of the Chalukyas and is approximately 900 years old. To be precise, this temple stands from the Badami Chalukya era. You have to go to Sai Nagar in Hubli to visit the Chandramouleshwara Temple. Now its maintenance is under the ASI (Archeological Survey of India) and is counted as a protected monument. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, aka Chandramouleshwara. The carvings of the temple send chills down your spine due to excellence. Chandramouleshwara Temple is carved straight out from black granite by the artisans of the time.

St. Joseph Church:

Situated at Keshwapur, Hubli, St. Joseph Church is the most gorgeous church in the city. If you seek some positivity and blessing from the almighty, then there is no better place than this church during your visit. The reason it stands apart from every other church out there is its outer structure. St. Joseph Church is round from the outside and embellished with flowers from the inside. You will feel that the place is radiating vibrancy, so do not miss this spot at any cost. Did I mention that you can get there effortlessly? Most of the time, it will be only a car ride from the place you stay.

Vittal Temple:

You are strongly recommended to visit this place if you want a rich cultural experience. Vittal Temple is located in Bardan Sal, Durgad Bail, New Hubli. The sacredness of this place is beyond any bounds and the reason for its popularity. The orange and red shades of this Vittal Temple make you feel calm and give you an outstanding experience of religious activity. Moreover, you can seek blessings from the idol residing in the temple as long as you visit the place and enter. Take a note that the locals come to pray here all the time, which brings you an opportunity to experience their lifestyle.

Nrupataguna Hill:

Nrupataguna Hill

When you feel like taking a break from the hustle-bustle of the city, Nrupataguna Hill is waiting for you. This hillock, nestled near Unakal Lake, is best known for the views of the city. The view from the top is breathtaking if you visit anytime between October and January. Climbing up the Nrupataguna Hill will feel like taking a stroll surrounded by green lush. Believe me or not, you will feel rejuvenated like a couple of years just got added to your lifetime. This spot is also famous as a picnic destination.

Eshwar Temple:

We discussed two temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Eshwar Temple goes down the same list. You will probably choke if you visit here on Mahashivratri. Devotees across the country go there and seek blessings of Lord Shiva for them and their loved ones on that day. So, be mindful of the day you visit. This magnificent temple is on the Station Road of the city. However, it is a shame not to go to this place in Hubli with your family. Also, did I mention how old this temple is? The Eshwar Temple stands for a century now. Isn't it remarkable?

Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden:

Indira Gandhi Glass House Hubli

Named after Smt. Indira Gandhi, the late ex-prime minister of India, this place is a must-go in Hubli. The monument is under the care of the municipality of the city. Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden is in Sadashiv Nagar of Hubli and attracts tourists as a host of exhibitions and musical concerts. Yes, you heard me right. They hold musical concerts in a glass-built structure. People also refer to it as a replication of Bangalore's Lalbagh. The surroundings bring you euphoria due to the diverse greenery. You will find an extravagant water fountain show, toy train display, and sculptures that will hold your eyes for a long time.

Bannigida Maruti Temple:

You might have figured out that Hubli is a city full of temples. Each temple here has a different value in the eyes of people who visit there. One more addition to this list of temples is Bannigida Maruti Temple. Situated at Gokul Road, Kallur Layout, this temple receives the devotees of Lord Maruti, aka Lord Ganesha. You can consider this place as an offbeat spot. So, if you want a peaceful visit to a temple and not a crowd like Chandramouleshwar or Vittal, Bannigida Maruti Temple is the place for you. Besides, this place offers you incredible sights and has the power to drag you there over and over again.

Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle:


This place is infamous among the tourists for sightseeing. Kittur Rani Chennama Circle stands near the old bus hub of Hubli City. The historical importance of this place still brings goosebumps to every soul. Kittur Rani fought the Britishers until her last breath, with only one hand. So, this landmark is made to respect her bravery and sacrifice. Besides, food enthusiasts will love this spot. You will find all the local delicacies around Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle. This can be your resting place at the end of a day full of traveling and sightseeing.

Banashankari Temple:

Do you remember the Chandramouleshwara Temple we just mentioned? Well, here comes its buddy. Banashankari Temple is also a monument from the Chalukya period. To be precise, Chalukyas completed it in the 13th century. It is a masterpiece carved out of rocks with pillars of granite. However, you might be awed by the excellence. This temple is at Banashankari Badavane, Vidya Nagar, Hubli. A thing that you can observe and marvel at about these temples is the sculpture art and carvings. Like Chandramouleshwara, Banashankari is also a temple devoted to the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva.

Utsav Rock Garden:

Utsav Rock Garden

This place is a rock sculpture museum situated in Hubli Dhanwar, Karnataka. The garden is ornamented with beautiful sculptures having eight world records. Sculptures here represent the forgotten history of Karnataka. The rural empire of the state is described in ancient Indian art forms. So if you want to explore the outdoors except for temples, this can be the place of your taste. In Karnataka, this place is considered an educational site which means you can learn a lot in this spot. So, pack up and go to have a wonderful exploration of Utsav Rock Temple.

Gayatri Tapovan:

Are you into spirituality? If yes, then Gayatri Tapovan is the place for you. You can experience a range of cultural and spiritual events at this place. It was earlier called Navakalyana Math but later got renamed. Gayatri Tapovan was established by Sri Kumar Swami Ji. His preachings were so commendable that his followers maintained the dignity of the place post his death with utter responsibility and care. The spot radiates spirituality and brings a feeling of calm inside you. If you feel turmoil, visiting Gayatri Tapovan would be the best.

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As a religiously diverse and naturally adorned city, Hubli is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Karnataka. They also call Hubli Chotta Mumbai due to its commercial revenue. We hope that all the above reasons and these facts will encourage you to visit this place, no matter how offbeat it sounds. The city is close to the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore. So, you can even plan a trip to Bangalore from there. But this place has its significance and is worth it. We wish you a happy and safe journey.