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Hubli to Dandeli- Cab Services to your rescue on your next getaway tour to Karnataka

Planning a weekend getaway from Hubli to Dandeli but not sure how to reach? Worry not! For we have the perfect cab service for all your tours and travel needs. The picturesque scenery and the beautiful greenery of Karnataka will literally pull you out of your quarantine zone and give you a fresh dose of travel that you entirely missed last year.

Book Cab Services from Hubli to Dandeli

If you have your eyes set on Karnataka, we can suggest you to book your next trip from Hubli to Dandeli. The best way to embark on your trip would be to hire our car service and soak in the beautiful nature along the way. The distance from Hubli to Dandeli is only 78 kms and you can easily enjoy the various tourist attractions along the way. The best part about travelling to and from Hubli is that you can get to do many activities and plan a fun filled vacation with your friends or family members. In addition, the trip will not cost you much.

Advantages of Booking a Cab Service:

When booking a cab service for your tours and travel needs, there are many advantages that you erstwhile miss. Some of these are:

  • Hassle-free booking experience so that you do not have to stand in front of the queue and wait for hours to simply book a cab.
  • Reliant and error free billing system for all your tours and travel needs.
  • Trained drivers with requisite experience on the wheels.
  • Safety of the client is the first preference in our cab services.
  • Pick up and drop facility right on time so that you never miss your schedules.

Hubli Cab Services:

Known as one of the most popular commercial places in Karnataka, Hubli is a small city that is gaining more and more popularity owing to the surge in IT Hubs in and around Bengaluru. It has a plethora of places to visit, if you are a first time traveler or a tourist who want to explore new holiday destinations from Hubli to Dandeli. Taking a cab service in Hubli is an easy task. We have customized cars, right from AC Sedans to premium cars. All you need to do is tell us about your tour and travel plans and we will make a customized plan, just for you!

Dandeli Cab Services:

If you are an adventure seeker, you must have definitely heard about Dandeli. South India’s Adventure capital, Dandeli has everything that you can get from nature. Right from plush terrains of mountains to water reserves, temples to wild life sanctuaries, and your trip from Hubli to Dandeli would be incomplete without actually visiting these places. You will need to get down at Hubli airport and then take a cab service to travel all the way to Dandeli.

Customized Hubli to Dandeli Car Service Package:

While you can separately visit Hubli and Dandeli or can take a package and visit these places as a part of various cities to travel you, you can also club these two places together and take a car ride from Hubli to Dandeli using our customized car service. This option is not only more economical, but also offers plenty of options to visit along the way.

Popular Tourist Hotspots from Hubli to Dandeli:

You can visit these destinations with our affordable cab services on your trip from Hubli to Dandeli:

1. Nrupatunga Betta: The Nrupatunga Betta hill is an ideal picnic spot and offers a great view of nature to all nature lovers. You can see the twin cities of Dharwad and Hubli from this location and enjoy a family time here once you rent our cab service. It has picturesque location that is ideal for photographs and you can enjoy a great natural outing here. Even if you are a young couple looking out for pre-wedding or post-wedding photoshoot locations, the Nrupatunga Betta serves as a great choice.

2. Unkal Lake: Another great destination for all the greenery lovers out there, Unkal Lake is the perfect place to make a stop on your way from Hubli to Dandeli. You can either enjoy a boat ride in the lake with your loved ones or enjoy the sunset alone; it is totally your choice! However, whatever you do, do not forget to enjoy the serenity of nature in all its glory. For here in Unkal Lake, you will find peace and quiet like none other, something that is really hard to find in the hustle and bustle of our regular life.

3. Chandramouleshwara Temple: On your way from Hubli to Dandeli in our cab service, right after Unkal Lake, you can make a stop at the Chandramouleshwara Temple. As you already know, southern India is home to a large number of religious places and this ancient temple further heightens the glory of age-old architecture, built during Chalukya times. The temple is a paradise for religious worshippers and finds itself as one of the best pilgrimage stops in South India.

4. Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden: Again, a great place for people in love with the greenery of nature; you can enjoy your time at the Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden. You can walk along the majestic garden or simply sit and enjoy the nature around. This is a great option if you plan to start your trip right from Hubli city.

5. Banashankari Amma Temple: If you an ardent devotee and find religious places to be heaven, the Banashankari Amma Temple near Badami is also a great travel destination on your way from Hubli to Dandeli. It is the holy temple of goddess Parvati. In addition, it is considered as one of the best places to visit in Badami. Although you will need to take a slight detour from your way in case you are planning to visit this temple, it is worth visiting because the temple is considered as one of the best religious spots of South India. Our cab services will ensure that you can enjoy your time here without having to face any transport related difficulty.

6. River Kali: If adventure is on your mind, look no further than River Kali on your next trip from Hubli to Dandeli. Canoeing, Kayaking as well as White River rafting are just some of the adventure sports that you can enjoy in the serene lushness of the river. You can stay at the various resorts and homestays along the way if you want to spend a day or two and then move along on your trip. If leisure travel is your way to make the most of your holidays, River Kali is the perfect place to start.

7. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary: Here is something for all the wild life lovers! Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect way to spend your weekend with your friends or family along. Located in the neighborhood of Anshi National Park, the serenity of this place with the lush flora and fauna along will let you enjoy nature to the fullest. You can spot Black panthers, Great hornbills and Crocodiles along the way and can even take up adventure activities like mountain biking and safari tours. What better way to spend your weekend than in the lushness of greenery and serenity.

8. Molangi Falls: This is where nature lovers will find their true love. The Molangi Falls is where you can hide in the sheer beauty of nature and forget about all your worries at home. You can simply sit around in the picnic spot or take a silent walk among the beauty of nature. Whatever you like, the cab service from Hubli to Dandeli has got you covered. Molangi Falls is an ideal spot for the peace lovers, because it has ample of spots for meditation and peace walking. You can simply forget your worries at home when you travel here.

9. Kodasalli Backwaters: If you had Kerala backwaters on your mind and had to skip the plan due to the current pandemic situation, Kodasalli Backwaters will serve as the best option. The Sathodi waterfalls provide the best leeway for these backwaters and it is against this backdrop that you can get to enjoy the magic of the backwaters to the fullest. There are adjoining lakes and forest nearby that you can enjoy leisurely with your loved ones. You can also enjoy trekking or boat ride here. This is the perfect spot to spend a romantic evening with your partner too.

10. Sri Mallikarjuna Temple: There is no dearth of religious places to visit once on your trip from Hubli to Dandeli. Situated at Ganesh Gudi, near Uttar Kannada district of Maharashtra, Sri Mallikarjuna Temple is older than the Shivaji fort and calls in a large number of pilgrims every year. Just near Supa Dam as well as the Dandeli Wildife Sanctuary, you will be left spellbound with the captivating architecture of the temple. This is one of those places that should not be missed at any cost!

11. Shivaji Fort: While we have already covered gorgeous natural locations and religious places, Shivaji Fort is perfect for the thrill seekers. The historical place is a heritage site and can easily give you a glimpse of the rich Indian history that we all share. Built by Chattrapati Shivaji himself, the fort serves as a reminder for the battles won and lost over the last centuries. Also to visit a place that warrior lord Shivaji himself built is something that all of us can be proud of.

12. Kavala Caves: Another great place for history lovers, the Kavala Caves gives you a glimpse of the bygone world. You will need to descend at least a thousand steps before finally making your way to the limestone caves. These caves are said to be related to the Mahabharata and usually attract many people, keen on trekking trips and adventures. Located at Lalguli, this place is 26 kms away from Dandeli and serves as a great getaway expedition on your way from Hubli to Dandeli.

13. Syntheri Rock: The Syntheri Rock stands at a whopping 300 meter height and the monolith offers a great option to the adventure seekers. With a waterfall and exquisite ravines on Kalindi riverbanks, this place gives you a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family amidst the natural beauty of Mother Earth. Lying 31 kms from Dandeli, Syntheri Rock is a great picnic spot. It is also ideal for photography and attracts many people for this purpose. Moreover, the quiet tranquility of the place ensures that you can even enjoy your time alone in the surroundings.

14. Anshi National Park: If you want to give the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary a miss for some reason and are still a wildlife enthusiast, you can definitely visit the Anshi National Park. Known as a tiger Reserve, the place is alternatively known as Kali Tiger Reserve and it is spread over a massive area of more than 1300 square kilometers. Right from Bengal Tigers to Panthers, this park houses a vast plethora of flora and fauna. Although the park is open throughout the year, the best time to visit would be between September-October to May-June. The Anshi National Park is also a great option for all the adventure seekers since you can trek along the plush terrains and indulge yourself in water sports too along River Kali. If you are on your way from Hubli to Dandeli in our affordable cab service, taking the SH46 route and following the Ramnagar-Karwar road would be the perfect way to reach the reserve.

15. Mini Tibet: Mundgod is referred to as the Mini Tibet of Dandeli and if you love Buddhist culture or are interested in how Tibetans live, this is the place to be. The place is full of positive spiritual vibes and houses a lot of stupas and monasteries that will instantly kindle your spirits. The places lies at about 70 kms from Dandeli and offers homestays and resorts options too, in case if you want to stay and take in the positive vibes for a few more days.

Booking Cab Services from Hubli to Dandeli for Tours and Travel in COVID Period:

Life post the Covid period has definitely not been easy and taking a break in between the incessant work from home schedules would give you a refreshing respite. With this in mind and our affordable cab services at your disposal, it is time to hop in your car and enjoy a weekend away from the stress of your regular life. Nature, adventure and thrill, you can experience all of these in your next trip from Hubli to Dandeli! Right from religious places for devotees, natural habitats and sanctuaries for wild life lovers and water sport activities for the adventure seekers, there is something for all here.

Best Cab Services from Hubli to Dandeli:

Karnataka has plenty of offerings for people of all age groups. So, even if you are looking out for a getaway schedule with friends or want to enjoy some lonely time with your spouse or go on a group trip with your college friends, this is the right time. With early bird discounts and plenty of promotional activities going on, you can customize your package and enjoy your trip! We can assure you an excellent quality of service at the most affordable rates on all your tours and travel needs from Hubli to Dandeli.